About Us

Our journey - A Struggle

A good cause faces multiple difficulties with time. As we initiated our journey to promote this rare art and provide the rural population with employment opportunities, we overcame multiple barriers. Starting with the manufacturing of rugs and carpets, we wanted to cater to every addition in the home decor by providing women of the society with opportunities to showcase their talent. But it was not as easy as it seemed. Females resisted coming to work due to family pressure and in some cases due to their children. We wanted to pursue our dream of making these women independent, so we left no stone unturned to make them comfortable at the workplace. We set up our factories in the areas nearby their homes so that they can easily commute and even take care of their children during the break. What made us believe that we will succeed was the high attendance of our workers and their faces full of satisfaction and confidence due to the income and earning a say in the family. Half a battle was won here.
Next came the trend of losing the offline market due to the increasing consumers online. To tackle this our competent team started to ensure our global reach by advertising our products online and making our presence on our digital platforms so that we can deliver the best of the art to the world. Gradually our products were winning in the market . Our struggle might be big but our plans were bigger.

Why floor and fabrics?

Authenticity and uniqueness of our product
We revive the fading culture and heritage to match the modern culture with complete authenticity. Every product is unique to itself and nobody can match what we provide.